Alvarez College Union and Duke Family Performance Hall comprise the state-of-the-art Knobloch Campus Center.

The atrium-a popular gathering, meeting, and study locale-is open to Davidson students around the clock throughout the academic year. The union is also home to the Davis Café, a fitness center, meeting spaces, and a variety of student organizations and services.

The College Union is named after Carlos and Malú Alvarez of San Antonio, Texas, parents of Malu Alvarez '02.


C. Shaw Smith 900 Room: The C. Shaw Smith 900 Room is the intimate performance hall inside the Alvarez College Union. The room can be set for a variety of events, from movies to theatre, from lectures to sit-down meals. Additional seating is available on a balcony surrounding the space, and doors open to an outdoor balcony with a northern view of campus.

The original 900 Room in the Grey Student Union was named for the 900 section of books (the history section in the Dewey Decimal system) that were originally housed on that floor, then the Grey Library. The space in the "new" union retained the original name, but also honors C. Shaw Smith '39. The gift was made by family and friends of Smith, the college's first college union director and lifelong friend.

Davis Café: Located at the center of campus life, the Davis Café is on the third floor of the Alvarez College Union. Meal plans are accepted at the Café.

Davidson Outdoors: Davidson Outdoors offers the students, faculty and staff of the college a variety of outdoor activities and courses throughout the year.

Sprinkle Room: Located on the top floor, the Sprinkle Room is the largest meeting room in the building. It is named for Pam and David Sprinkle '66.

Arthur Vining Davis Room: The meeting space in Alvarez 313 is named by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation of Jacksonville, Fla.

Morcott Room: The meeting space in Alvarez 302 is named for Woody Morcott '60.

Mariam Cannon Hayes Amphitheatre: Surrounding the western entrance to the Alvarez College Union is the Mariam Cannon Hayes Amphitheatre. The amphitheatre provides an appealing outdoor venue for lounging and informal presentations. It is named for Mariam Cannon Hayes, daughter of Charles A. Cannon, class of 1915. Hayes served the college as a member of the Board of Trustees, Board of Visitors and the Committee for Campus and Religious Life.

Nisbet Fitness Center: The Nisbet Fitness Center provides aerobic step and treadmill machines, weight stations and free weights for use by students, faculty and staff. A glass wall in the fitness center opens onto the climbing wall for Davidson Outdoors, which occupies the lowest level of the building. The center is open from 7 a.m. -1 a.m. during the academic year. During the summer, the center is open Mon.-Fri.,  7 a.m.-9 p.m., and Sat.-Sun., 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Early access is available for faculty and staff beginning at 5 a.m. throughout the year upon special request from CatCard Services. The center is named for Marian and Olin Nisbet '63.

Game Room: The college union staple pool tables are located on the main floor. The game room is named in memory of Thad Jones '63, by friends.

Ann and Edward L. Baker Terrace: On the south side of the Knobloch Campus Center, overlooking the track and football field is the Ann and Edward L. Baker Terrace. The terrace is a popular meal and game time gathering point for the campus community. The terrace is named for Ann and Edward L. "Ted" Baker '57. Baker is a former trustee and chaired the "Let Learning Be Cherished" fundraising campaign from 1998-2005. In 2012, Ted Baker gave $25 million to support The Davidson Trust.

Johnston Living Room: Located just inside the terrace entrance to the Knobloch Campus Center is a "living room" with a fireplace, piano, and comfortable and relaxed seating. The "living room" is named for Gretchen Johnston, a member of the Board of Trustees and co-chair of the committee that planned the union building.

Brown Atrium: Through the center of the multi-leveled Alvarez College Union is the Brown Atrium, which unifies the core of the building. Capped with a large skylight, the atrium looks over three levels of activities. The atrium is named for the Brown Foundation Inc. of Houston, Texas.



Located at 225 Baker Drive, the Alvarez College Union is part of the Knobloch Campus Center. Parking is available in the Baker Sports Complex lot with handicap parking available directly behind the campus center.